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Gymkraft Holiday Camp

Gymkraft Holiday Camp

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Welcome to Gymkraft "There Is No Wi-Fi But Kids Will Have So Much Fun" holiday camp.



Our high-energy week-long recreational camp will take your kids on a journey to explore new skills (and flips), discover never before acrobatic abilities, develop social skills, enhance teamwork skills and at the end of the day wear their new-found confidence like a t-shirt!

Camp is open to all children of all abilities and is jam packed with fun in form of stimulating physical drills, motor skills development, games and team activities.


Kids will be arranged according to their ages and experiences to keep them challenged while having fun throughout the camp. 

Ages: 6 to 12 Years Old
Camp Prices, including 9% GST:

$456.17 for 5 days (members price)

$506.85 for 5 days (non-members price)


Make GYMKRAFT Your Child's Plan For This June School Holiday

Join us for two days or for a week and let your child experience memories that last a lifetime.

Please let us know in advance if you choose partial days booking.

June Holiday Camp 2024 Schedule

Kids Gymnastics Camp 1
27 May – 31 May -- Mon-Fri (10am–1pm) @ Kallang Wave Mall

Kids Gymnastics Camp 2

03 Jun – 07 Jun -- Mon-Fri (10am–1pm) @ Kallang Wave Mall

Kids Gymnastics Camp 3

10 Jun – 14 Jun -- Mon-Fri (10am–1pm) @ Kallang Wave Mall

Kids Gymnastics Camp 4

17 Jun – 21 Jun -- Mon-Fri (10am–1pm) @ Kallang Wave Mall


Enrollment is NOW OPEN.
Sign Up Today!

To enroll your child, please get in touch with us on WhatsApp at
Gymkraft@Kallang Wave Mall - 91284644
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