Staying fit doesn’t have to be boring!

At GymKraft, we take you to a whole new world of Kraftin'

Gymnastics, Parkour, Trampoline, Aerial Fitness, and much more!


Introduce your kids to Artistic Gymnastics from as young as 3 years old! Whether it's recreational or competitive, our programmes develop their psycho-motor skills, spatial awareness, and physical conditioning through station drills and fun activities.


Gymnastics is for everyone, and you are never too old to start flipping. These classes are suitable for students from 13 years old to 60 and above. Progressively improve your fitness, flexibility, and strength through scaled activities which cater to all levels of experience and physical condition.


Bring out the daredevil in you. Jump, roll, and flip your way through obstacles in style.  Our classes help you to safely attain the skills and confidence needed to take on both indoor and outdoor environments. 

Aerial   Fitness 
(Hoops, Silk, & Pole)

At GymKraft you can experience the thrills and challenges of training on aerial circus equipment without having to join a circus.  

Through our partnership with Acro Polates, we offer classes of varying intensities across 3 Aerial elements: Silks, Hoop/Lyra, and Pole.

For more information about classes and fees, click the link below.


Fly high and get your heart pumping with our Trampoline class. Learn basic skills from simple jumps and landings to more advanced flips and routines. You'll leave each class with a bounce to your step!

Early Bird Promotion

Pay your term fees at least 2 weeks before the new term starts and you get to enjoy early bird rates!

Family Discount

The family that Krafts together, stays together! Get your immediate family members to join our Kraftin' programmes. Your 2nd family member gets a 10% discount on their fees,  the 3rd gets 20% off, and so on!

The more the merrier!

GK Vietnam

We have a new branch in Vietnam!

Click here for our Vietnam website



The crew and coaches are very friendly and give clear feedback and instructions

—  Raja, Daughter in BeGym Class

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