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 Term Fees, Notices, and Attendance 

  • Every term runs for 2 months (8 weeks) and all fees paid are strictly NON-REFUNDABLE.

  • Term fee payment has to be made in full BEFORE THE TERM COMMENCES.

    • This is to ensure that you/your child retain his/her slot in our classes, or we will give the place to those on the wait-list. 

      • Pro-ration of fees only applies to students who will be away (i.e. Holidays, Business Trips) during Term 3 and Term 6.

      • Full term fees apply after the term commences. If you missed any lessons, you can attend make-up classes during the make-up week.
        (Refer to “Make-Up Classes and Transfer Policy)

  • Students who will be away for a whole term must make payment in advance to secure their class placement for the following term.

  • Important information will be announced via a notice or texted to your mobile number in our database.

  • All Kraftin packages require a one-time $80 registration fee. This is to encourage Krafters to stay with a program for a longer period of time, as the benefits of any educational program come from long-term involvement.

  • All new Krafters are entitled to a free GymKraft tee. 

 Make-Up Classes & Transfer Policy 

  • Make-up classes are on Fridays, subject to availability. 

  • Make-up classes cannot be brought forward to the following term and must be utilized within the current term. Missed classes will be forfeited when the new term starts.

  • You may book the Make-up class of the enrolled program on any Friday within the same term.

  • You are encouraged to book the Make-up class during the early weeks of the term. You can also book the Make-up class before the missed class.

  • Make-up classes are to be booked at least 1 day in advance, via in-person, phone call, or Whatsapp to our Admin. We reserve the right to prevent Make-up students without a booking from attending a class when it has reached its capacity.

  • Make-up classes that have been booked are non-cancellable and considered used even if the student fails to attend it (no-show).

  • Change of class timing/transfer to another slot is subjected to availability and suitability.

  • All requests for transfer of class must be submitted at least 4 weeks before the new term commences, via in-person, a phone call, or Whatsapp to our Admin. Once approved, transfer of class will be effective at the start of a new term.

  • Only a maximum of TWO transfers are allowed within a span of ONE year

 Kids Gymnastics - Assessment and Promotion 

  • GymKraft students are eligible for an assessment via an endorsement from GymKraft coaches. We do not accept any requests from parents for assessment or promotion. A new student with regular attendance (minimum of one session a week) would typically take 3 terms to be ready and be considered for an assessment.

  • GymKraft students need to show at least 80% competency in executing and demonstrating the skills in accordance with our program and/or competition syllabus to pass the assessment and be considered to promote to the next level.

  •  Non-GymKraft students who have competition experience and expressed an interest in joining our competitive team will be REQUIRED to demonstrate their last competitive routine and skills through a paid assessment session.

 Gymkraft House Rules 

  • Be safe at all times.

  • Listen to instructions.

  • Arrive on time for your scheduled class. This is to ensure that each student is warmed up properly.

  • No one is allowed in the training area before class.

  • Siblings and friends not enrolled in class must remain outside the training area.

  • When class is over, gymnasts must leave the training area.

  • Wear proper clothing (Leotard or T-shirt and shorts/tights).

  • Girls must have their hair pulled back, out of the face.

  • No jewellery allowed except stud earrings.

  • Any contagious skin condition needs to be covered until the affected area has cleared.

  • No food is allowed in the training area.

  • Please respect our equipment. No playing on any apparatus or mats.

  • No electronic devices or cell phones allowed in the training area.

  • Treat everyone with respect.

  • Accept corrections with a smile.

  • Participate and have fun!

  • Thank your Coaches at the end of class!

    If you see something that’s not right, let us know immediately!

 Open Session Rules 

  • Open sessions are only available to those aged 13 years and above

  • Students on 'invited list' do not require parent/guardian supervision, but they are expected to adhere to the house rules or risk being removed from the list

  • Respect yourself

    • Only attempt skills within your abilities​

    • Do not use the station areas when there are classes or people practicing

  • Respect others

    • Accessing open sessions ​automatically indemnifies & hold harmless Gymkraft from any and all liabilities or claims​​ 

  • Coaching & team rehearsals are prohibited

  • Please tidy up & clear your rubbish before you leave

  • No Tag = No Entry

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