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Man Balancing on Gymnastics Rings



My boy has been with GymKraft for 5 years, since 4 years+ old till now. He enjoys the lessons very much and looks forward to attending them.

The coaches here are patient and professional. Under their guidance, I can see that my boy has become more confident and strong. Kudos to the team for making the lessons enjoyable and safe!

My daughter has been with Gymkraft for a couple of years. She love the lessons as the instructors are very friendly. She always looked forward for classes as She made many friends at Gymkraft. Thank you to all instructors that patiently guided all the children on the different skill on gymnastics. Also thanks for organising competition that will greatly build up the confidence in children. Keep up the good work!

My daughter Danelle absolutely loves her gym classes. It’s the highlight of her week. She says the coaches are kind and patient and have taught her to do so many different things which she never thought she could do. I’m so thankful she has this avenue to keep exploring new gross motor skills.

My youngest daughter Charina has been attending gym classes at GymKraft since she was P2 in 2018. She really enjoyed the weekly classes with her team mates and coaches in GymKraft. We hoped that she will continue to learn and develop her interest in gymnastics.

Even after taking lessons at GymKraft for over 5 years, my daughter still looks forward to every lesson! She has been exposed to many exercises that are specialised and not an everyday occurrence. Thank you to all the instructors for their patience!

My daughter has been with Gymkraft for more than 5 years, since she was 3+/4 years old. She really enjoys the lessons with the friendly coaches, has made improvement in her skills, as well as gained self confidence, flexibility and strength. Kudos to the team at gymkraft for making lessons so fun!

-Elaneor Chia

My 7 yr old daughter has been going to Gymkraft for 3 years. From being very scared of forward rolls and flips to becoming an expert in these skills - the credit goes to her coach at Gymkraft who taught her patiently and in a manner suited her age. I highly recommend gymkraft.

My daughter has been with Gymkraft for close to 4 years and loves attending her weekly class. Her coaches have always managed a good balance of fun while pushing her to improve her skills, and always within her limits.

Both my kids love it at Gymkraft! Instructors there are always fun and bubbly yet they also take their craft seriously and they balance strict and fun perfectly. They are also respectful to the children there as well. To the whole team at Gymkraft, thank you!

-Emerald Tang

Image by Nima Sarram


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